Implantologica is a new symposium especially designed for dental hygienists, dentists’ assistants and prevention- and orthodontics-assistants, presented by The Dutch Association of Oral Implantology (NVOI). The development of implantology is so rapid that sometimes the logics of the various possibilities and the treatment sequences disappear from sight. Moreover, shifting responsibilities in a dental practice cause employees to be confronted with questions from patients.

These questions are related to the treatment itself but also about maintenance and complications after the implants and the superstructure have already been brought in place. Renowned speakers will present the latest developments in the fields of diagnostics, planning and aftercare with the aim to achieve and sustain the best (esthetical) result.

Guest speaker is Anita Daniels, a dental hygienist employed in the United States and an expert in the field of information about dental implants. She will explain how a patient can best be informed about the advantages of an implantological treatment.

Ronnie Goené, Henny Meijer, Gerry Raghoebar and Fridus van der Weijden all have a University tenure position and amply won their spurs in the fields of implantology and post-academic training. They will give an overview of the state of the art, which aspects and materials are important in this respect and how results can be preserved.

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